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You are in the shoes of the last Battle Priest. The war against magical creatures for which you were created is finally over. But during your last battle you learn something that opens your eyes and your perspective on everything. You have new goals, and one of them is to learn about magical creatures instead of slaying them. But there's more to it than just that. Learn the story as you purchase magic girls, interact with them, take care of them and train them so one day they can serve you properly.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2dcg, Adult, animated, Cute, Erotic, Fantasy, groping, slave, spanking, trainer
Average sessionAbout an hour


Foster Home for Fantasy Girls 0.3.8 Beta Public Windows/Linux
Foster Home for Fantasy Girls 0.3.8 Beta Public MAC
Foster Home for Fantasy Girls 0.3.8 Beta Public Android

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When is the next update?

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Has been a minute since I last played.

How many characters are added now?  Screenshots show several, but how many are in the game or is it just the Elf still?

You have two characters living with you in the mansion, the elf and the goblin, and you interact with lots of other characters

I really like the elf!

She is really nice indeed


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I'm not really sure, why you redesigned Fey tbh.
She went from being cute to just looking strange. Eyes and head is way too big compared to the body for my liking. Doesn't really match the way she looks in the training scenes.
Preferably back to this.

A bit of feedback/ ideas though. Could be cool if you could simply click on the doors in the hallway to enter the girls' rooms, so that they glow a slight yellow when you hover over them, telling you which room belongs to who. Makes it a bit more organic imo, since you get rid of all those menus. And just feels like you simply walk around the house.

Thanks for your opinion, we'll take a look at that

Stop using unsupported download sites

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:  



Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


I'll take a look into that, thanks

It just makes a huge difference for app users, since the itchio app allows for automatic app updates, and keeps all your apps in one place, etc. 

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Yet here you are complaining like a giant troll on every other page about having people stop using alt sites and use itch's broken error riddled downloads.  That's great.  That advice was so bad it's literally like the blind leading the blind 


You know what? Since everyone is already dead set in their belief that I'm a complete idiot/troll...

I might as well get it off my chest that I HATE that phrase:

like the blind leading the blind

I mean, screw Helen Keller, I guess? It's not like she was a blind and deaf woman who led a charge for social awareness of issues facing the blind. It's not like she was the face of a bunch of political campaigns that championed blind/deaf rights. Oh, wait.

"You know what? Since everyone is already dead set in their belief that I'm a complete idiot/troll..."

Yeah.  That's kinda obvious.  Nobody copy pastes the same pile of dead brain cells on 20 pages and doesn't pass for a spamming troll.

Great game, but does not support installation via standalone itch client. This is a very important thing for many of us here.

Error message: "This title is hosted on an incompatible third party website" https://itch.io/t/1125151/incompatible-third-party-website-workaround

It's just a Mega download link, but I'll look into this feature in the future.

where can i find the updates?

When we have a new update our itch page will have it updated.
Also on our Patreon you will have access to our updates:

Also on our Discord server


Coming this month. Follow our discord to get daily updates:


pretty awesome 


Hello, I get this message when I try to lad my saves from earlier versions :  Do you know what I could do ? It would be so sad if I had to start all over again. Thank you for your efforts !

Hello, send me a message on the discord server (https://discord.com/invite/fabVdb4qYS)  on the feedback channel so that I can help you better, or if you want trough Itch, send me your save file here, so that I can take a look

Alright thank you so much !

Hey the game keeps kicking me out do you know why

Hi. we need more details. Send me the Exception screen.

Hi bro when i download the game for android i get error the package is corrupt error

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Hi, try unistalling and deleting it and download it again:


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Its crashing every ten minute for me

Hello. show me the exception screen (The screen that appears when the game crashes) so I can pinpoint what is going on.

No its fine i fixed it

Deleted 51 days ago

They will show up soon enough :)

Cannot download it with the desktop application


Weird. Here's the link for the desktop version:


I think it is because itch program is not able to download from mega for some reason.


Will you be adding Voice acting to this game later on in the future? I feel like it might make it better but that's up to you.


Yes, we are planning on adding voice acting in the future.

Keep up the great work Tired Txxus!


Amazing style and premise.


How can I join y'alls discord?


Here you go:


when is the next update loving the content so far!!! cant wait for more :)

We just release 0.3.5, but the next one will be released soon enough :)

Forgot how absolutely adorable Fey is.
I bit sad I jumped in on this version so early, because I'm just gonna get cliffhanger'd even harder.
Great stuff so far, but I'd double check the latest dialogues for typos and grammar. :)

Thanks, We'll take a look.

When is the new update coming? This game is awesome

Soon, get in our discord for news and sneak peeks

Can I hide the textbox if so how do I do it I searched online but can't find anything and I have tried swiping and tapping

You can press H on pc, on android I'm not sure but we can implement on the next build

Hello the android apk won't install. 

Try uninstalling the previous build before installing again


I can't be your Patreon for some reason


How to open new items in the girls shop?


Really good game, i liked it

Thanks! For now, the shop only has the collars and the pajamas, but on the next update ( that releases tomorrow!) there will be one more item.


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Foster can you fix this bug or something? Eve mentioned me in default name even though i changed it to Miyuki.

Thanks for the heads up! We'll fix that for the next version.

Looks good keep up the work man!



what's new in 3.1 except the new order ?

New hint system, work & currency and the new scene for Fey

I sorry, but since there is another new update, will the link you sent me before work or do I need a new link? Since Itch.io still says this game is on a incompatible website.


Hello, links for previous versions will always work. 

What do you mean imcompatible website? For me all the links open on Mega as always. I may put the links on the description to see if this problem stops.

I'm not to sure why it says it, but when I click, "Install" on Itch.io  the popup states  red text  "This title is hosted on a incompatible third-party website." 


I don't even see an install button, for me it just gives the option to download it.

I got it now. I am using the Itch.io app, when you go to the browser website, it works, sorry for the waste of time, I'll just use the browser when FHfFG gets another update. 


Glad to see it's working.


cant wait for the update, love this game and cant wait to see where it goes


I like the game the design of it is amazing, I just wish I could play more like buy her food or so on hopefully in future updates we'll get to do more.

Thanks! We are implementing currency on the next update that should be done really quick.

Okay cool!

bro, i love the design of this game


just a nice little game not much like it


Gave this a go, got as far as I could. Outside of the MC being a bit of a jerk (but I can blame that on his relationship with magic girls is really bad) it's pretty interesting. I'm curious to see how the MC will train Petra, she seems weirdly confident. I was also hoping that hiding her bra would do something but it didn't. "Votes for more content with the goblin-orc-whatever" 

It's pretty bare bones from what I can tell, the MC doesn't work and there's no currency to speak of so "buy 40 meat and veggies? SURE!" I do wonder if it's possible down the road to fix Fey's arm, it's mildly weird seeing her with half an arm. Maybe if the MC got over his issues with magic girls...

Thanks for playing.

If you hide her bra, she will not be wearing in the next day (A slight change in her art). We will implement lot's of small things in the next update that will be released soon, like currency and a hint system if you get lost.

About her arm and other bigger stuff we will tell people when we are close to implementing (if at all).


Just so you are aware Itch.io says I cant download because its hosted on a incompatible website..  Whatever that means- I am Windows

Weird, for me they open correctly. Here's the mega with a mirror for windows:



Iv never used Mega before,but I got it working, thank you.

Any download mirror? Mega wont let me

Here's a mirror for PC:


Sorry, should have specified im using android

Here you go:



Well, now, it is a zip file instead of an apk

Try extracting it. Sometimes it get compressed.


馃Ω馃い馃拫Looking forward to the 25th!馃憖馃槀馃挅


It's almost there!

Hello, I'm here again. Wondering how close the new update is. I don't join the discord because it's my personal account.


Hello, our estimate release day is the 25th of november

Any updates because I like this game


Hello, we are making the next update right now.
If you want, check out our discord: https://discord.gg/fabVdb4qYS

More informations there.


I've always wondering something... Are Wood Elves Fragile? I mean it's called Wood Elf, Are they Fragile? My Anxiety got High when Fey slipped in the bathroom, "What if her body get break?!" said Curious me.

Not as fragile as you think 馃槈

How is wood fragile?


Good game, waiting for updates now.


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